Blckchnd team are veteran Graphene witness and outreach group, maintaining largest Russian speaking communities for Graphene-based chains. We’ve seen the potential of EOS long before the widespread hype started. The reason for this is that the similarities in our worldviews attracted us and we started translating Dan Larimer’s articles in August 2016, which is approximately the time when he started writing about ideas that resulted in EOS.

The path from PoW to DPoS was long and winding, but we are one of the biggest advocates for Graphene and now EOS technology, and while most people in the crypto space were going after the money, we were meticulously studying how the decentralization works, because we are sure:Decentralization is a product

Graphene Lab - Team of experienced blockchain-programmers designing platforms using Graphene technology.
Among our projects can be called Karma (, Xzen (, Cryptocean (, Aurum (coming soon) and others.
The total number of employees is 10 people, of which 8 are highly qualified developers.

Our mission

Maintenance of infrastructure

Provide high level of security and reliable infrastructure for EOS block production

Applications and Services development

The ecosystem is currently very sparse, that is why we’re developing necessary tools and providing them to the public

Grow local

Outreach for the enlargement of the community and advocacy for technology spread

Support for EOS based projects

Initiative to support local projects based on EOS

Our vision

We’ve been watching the winding paths that the development of decentralized projects is taking, and believe that EOS would be that particular link in the evolutionary blockchain that would realize the hidden potential of DPoS genetic code.

An explosive growth in one ecosystem would inevitably spread all over the world, and only truly autonomous block producers can help it, creating a truly decentralized global network with their efforts while bringing value to their local community.

Such division of powers is totally different from the one in currently existing mining pools and centralized exchanges, and participation from them in BP selection can only lower the transparency, a principle that is crucial in DPoS based systems, and for that reason gives that power to the stakeholders.

We completely support such a vision, and that is why we’re supporting the development of decentralized exchanges and applications, crystallizing the experience and rewards that we receive into products of our own.

And while it would take some time until the old system finally becomes obsolete, we will continue our deliberate movement, because a journey of a thousand li begins with a single Block Producer. :)

Our Core Values


This one is probably the most popular, but also the one that everyone understands so differently. For us it is about the balance of powers, control and resources. Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote that the French Revolution began with "a push towards decentralization...[but became,] in the end, an extension of centralization. We are putting all of our efforts into preventing such a result.


In our opinion you can call something transparent only if it is 100% so, everything else is opaque

Freedom to collaborate

Lack of a typical rigid hierarchy and an ability to achieve symbiosis in a truly equal partnership. For that reason our BP candidacy is a result of collaboration of two teams, and this is not the limit of the number of cells in the blockchain comb that we’re building

Open Source Code

This one is a no brainer. Many minds are better than one, and the third eye is always useful


Blockchained BP node online for:

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We start acting only after doing a meticulous analysis of potential opportunities and weaknesses, and we’ve done this research about this ecosystem a long time ago, so right now we have a solid insight about it.

Transparency is our basic value because it is the thing that allows for an atmosphere of trust between the participants of the endeavor even if they are located all over the world. It also allows everyone to watch the financial streams and real assets backing our gateway.

We’re planning to continue attracting the best minds that we can find to this ecosystem, that became our habitat and do everything necessary to develop it, and our own place in it.

Our products

Free, open-source, light client-side interface for accessing the EOS wallet. It is easy and reliable to interact with the EOS blockchain

Coming soon

Open source web tool that allows you to view information about blocks, addresses, transactions and more on the EOS blockchain

Coming soon

voting tools

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Blckchnd team

Ruslan Salikhov

CTO, blockchain developer


Graphene Ambassador, business analytics, strategic planning, outreach


Graphene Enthusiast, investment analysis, blockchain evangelism


Graphene Expert, trading, technical analysis

Petr Asalkhanov

Public figure, spokesman, system analytics, conference talks

Graphene Lab team

Denis Bredikhin

He didn't buy his first Bitcoin in 2010. He sold his first Ether for $8. He bought Bitshares at 40 cents during summer 2017 for all of his depo. Otherwise he is a pretty smart guy: has a degree in marketing, more than 6 years in strategic consulting, and about 4 in project management.

Also he started studying Objective-C for iOS app development.

Igor Romanov

CTO/core blockchain developer. Develops software for systems of space complexity - aviation, financial sectors (including bank and blockchain-platform for p2p-lending Karma), defense industry and other. Projects: Karma, Xzen and other

Top languages: C/C++, ASM, Java, OBJECTIVE C

Olga Pachenkova

More than 10 years experience with C++ development of software/hardware military grade data protection systems. Projects: Karma, other projects classified as TOP SECRET ;-)

Top languages: C/C++, ASM, Java

Alex Bublikov

More than three years in such areas as telecom, hardware and software systems for defence industry. Development of projects based on MoCap technology. Projects: SkyCapture, and others classified as secret

Top languages: C/C++, ASM, Python

Roman Dagaev

A developer of user interfaces, also interested in prototyping and UX / UI development. An ardent fan of comfortable and beautiful interfaces. Projects: Karma, Cryptocean, "School Olympus", LogoCatalogo, Vinil-Pressing-Plants

Top languages: JS (React, Angular), HTML/CSS

Ekaterina Gorshkova

Young, but damn promising developer of user interfaces. Blockchain projects: Karma, Aurum

Top languages: JS (React, Angular), HTML/CSS

Anton Tishchenko

Developer with a meticulous attention to detail. Studied to be a Russian language teacher, but found his calling in interface development, for which we are really thankful.

Top languages: JS (React, Angular), HTML/CSS

Dmitrii Kasatkin

QA engineer that can find bugs even in the most ideal system (maybe). Functional testing, system testing, performance testing, regression testing, usability testing and others. Projects: defense industry, Karma, Xzen

Borz Vahaev

QA engineer. Makes you apologize for every mistake

Tatyana Bredikhina

Our mascot, as well as the one who cares about this whole crowd

Just Dude

EOS Ambassador

And another awesome guy, that helps us with routine work that is hard to automate

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